Together we can do something BIG!
Let's get inboard to reach the moon 🌙

Everyone likes to live experiences, to feel emotions.
Our mission: Create the most beautiful immersive and interactive experiences, original stories and the most creative content.

More than ever, we are entering a new era where the physical world must rely on the digital, and vice versa.

Our crew puts all its energy into designing these phygital experiences, trust them, they think at the speed of light.

Ready to disrupt your communication?

ROX First

Head in the stars, but our feet firmly on the ground, for each experience we produce, we do never forget the primary mission:

Respond to your brand image and notoriety challenges, but also to your business results.

today R.O.X (Return On eXperience) is the best performance tool to invent and manage the retail of the future.

Dream Team

High level of professionalism, creativity from elsewhere and a really good mood.

We love our job and we fulfill missions alway with the smile 😉

Made In la France

French touch of course!

Furniture et techs design, 3D animation, final set up.. all is homemade. We are proud of this know-how and we are spreading it all around the world. we can deliver everywhere, except Antarctica. We deploy our crew to the 4 corners of the universe to serve you.

At the forefront

Light years away from traditional communication, we create new, original and unexpected experiences…

3,2,1, Ignition !

Your Tailor-made Experience

All along the project we adopt a personalized approach in complete coherence with your brand DNA, to propel your communication into orbit.


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