We won't give you the moon...
We take you there !

Tout le monde aime vivre des expériences, ressentir des émotions.
Notre mission chez Fosfor : créer les plus belles expériences immersives et interactives, des histoires originales et des contenus des plus créatifs.

Plus que jamais, nous entrons dans une nouvelle ère où le monde physique doit s’appuyer sur le digital, et vice versa.

Notre équipage met toute son energie pour concevoir ces expériences phygitales, faites leur confiance, ils réfléchissent à la vitesse de la lumière.

Ready to disrupt your communication?

ROX First

Each project aims to enhance your image, bolster your reputation, and drive results. Return on Experience is the ultimate driver to shape the future of retail, creating meaningful moments and tangible outcomes.

Dream Team

Our passionate team brings together creative and technical minds collaborating to design and deliver innovative solu- tions. Our professionalism, dedication, and teamwork make each project an exciting collaborative journey.

Made In La France

Every aspect of our devices, from design to assembly, is carefully managed by our skilled team. Our local manufacturing ensures the superior quality of our products, reflecting the elegance and innovation associated with the French Touch.

Constant Innovation

We create unique and astonishing experiences by pushing technological boundaries. Each project explores new ideas to craft experiences that inspire wonder and leave a lasting impression.

Tailor-made Experience

Each project is unique and designed to reflect your brand consistently, creating distinctive experiences that amplify your message and engage your audience. Our approach ensures a perfect alignment between your vision and our solutions


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