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Crystalman Experience

[Allez donc voir là-bas si j'y suis] 😮👻

Introducing our Crystalman, presented in all its glory at the latest edition of Vivatechnology, allowing you to holographically teleport yourself anywhere and connect with your audience in real-time. Welcome to the future!

Building on the success of our CRYSTALBOX, you can now interact remotely with a life-sized human hologram. The experience is mind-blowing, breaking down all barriers of interaction.

Crystalman - Patrouille de France [Forget window mannequins, Crystalman is here to steal the show!]🧥

Imagine offering your customers an immersive and playful shopping experience right from your storefront. With our #Crystalman, it's possible! 😮

Shoppers can now take control of a hologram mannequin simply by scanning a QR code visible on the screen. 🤳🏼 🤳🏼
They can customize their ideal look, choose the outfits and accessories they want to see on the (top)model, and even add products directly to their cart. 🧥👖👞

This unique experience allows your customers to interactively and playfully discover your products even before entering your store. 🛸

Discover how to spice up your storefront, increase foot traffic, and boost sales with this innovative solution. 👾🕹️🛍️
Dooh It Live - Nike [Retail 3.0 - get ready to have your mind blown!] 💥

Let's start with a bang in the retail and event experience world!

Fosfor's got a brand spanking new interactive and playful communication device that's gonna change the way you experience shopping! 🛸

Imagine being able to control a product's 3D animation with just your smartphone by flashing a QR code... #DoohITLive, our holographic magic, is making it possible! 🤳🏼 🤳🏼

Check out our POC video for Nike to see a fresh way to engage your visitors by letting them explore and personalize your products, access your whole catalog, and get info on each model... the interaction possibilities are endless! 🕹️🎮

By incorporating this device into your store or events, you can greatly improve customer experience, increase retention, and create a real buzz around your brand. Measuring the KPI's of this activation across your different locations is of course possible.
Phygiwall - Viparis [Stop boring communication ⛔, start immersing yourself 🤩]

We are very happy to have once again assisted Viparis in setting up immersive experiences on their Heavent Paris stand.

Focus on our #Phygiwall device: a real presentation helper, this communication tool enhances your image Your content becomes more #playful #memorable and #engaging.

This projection allows the display of interactive images to disrupt the traditional viewing. Creative and dynamic, your message will grab the attention of your audience.

A tailor-made experience presenting Viparis (European leader in business tourism), its 12 major event venues located in the Ile-de-France region, as well as all its actions in the fields of innovation and ecological transition.
Crystalman - Marvel [Quand les Super-héros Marvel font appel à notre Crystalman pour se téléporter] 🦸🏻‍♀️ 🦸🏿‍♂️
On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Park and the opening of the Avengers Campus, Fosfor accepted Disneyland Paris' request to create and implement a strong and innovative experience.

👉 During 2 days, nearly 1200 guests (international influencers and journalists who came for the most part with their families) were welcomed as soon as they arrived by some Avengers, "holoported" in our #Crystalman.
An immersive experience in the Marvel universe, later relayed on social networks.

Capture, post-production, implementation, control room... Another great mission accomplished by the Fosfor team!
Table mapping - SIAL [Another piece of experience ?]🍰

For the SIAL Paris (the world's largest food trade fair), Fosfor had the honour of creating a tabletop mapping experience for Comexposium, the event's organiser.

A tailor-made projection combined with attractive content that fits perfectly into the world of the table, offering the public an innovative, entertaining and educational presentation on French food consumption behaviour. 🇫🇷🍽️

A phygital communication medium that is highly appreciated by visitors, which ensures good visibility and makes it easier to assimilate the information / message.
Crystalman - Vivatech [Who hasn't dreamt of teleporting?]👻

At Fosfor, the gift of ubiquity is now a formality with our #Crystalman solution.🛸

A unique and unprecedented holoportation experience allowing you to appear in real time, wherever you want, and interact with your audience as if you were there! 👨‍🚀 👩🏼‍🚀👩🏻‍🚀👨🏾‍🚀👩🏼‍🚀

Our device allows to broadcast live or pre-recorded content: Keynote, plenary, reveal, congress, retail, distance learning, multi-site teaching, etc. 😲
Enjoy the futur!

Where would you teleport yourself?
Magic Mirror - Logitech Use the power of AR to tell unique stories that turn your customers into e-influencers for your brand and products.
Windooh showroom [Communicate transparently... or not!]

...at least now, with #Windooh®️ you have the choice!

Turn your existing glass surfaces... into interactive surfaces!

Switching from transparent to opaque in the blink of an eye (that's 0.3 seconds ⏱️😮), #Windooh®️ allows you to transform 100% of your current shop window into a bespoke immersive surface of expression.

Our phygital solutions will enable you to boost your brand, stimulate local commerce and attract new customers!

"With #Windooh®️ a new window opens on the retail of tomorrow" (hey good call!) 🤡

The same device can of course be adapted indoors: give a glass partition in a meeting room, office or waiting room a double function by turning it into an interactive communication medium!
Crystalman - FDJ [Fosfor hasn't said his last word, Jean Pierre!] 💪🔥

Proud to share with you this incredible experience that took place at Viva Technology, on the FDJ - La Française des Jeux booth, alongside Jean Pierre FOUCAULT. 🤩

FDJ aimed to welcome visitors in an innovative and captivating way. Thanks to our holographic solution #Crystalman, we were able to recreate Jean-Pierre's presence for a unique interaction.

It was an extraordinary immersive experience, showcasing the game InnoMillions, a futuristic draw specifically designed for the event, offering the chance to win tickets to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. 🌟🏆

We would like to thank the entire FDJ team for this extraordinary opportunity, especially Marie, Pierre, Maxime, for their trust and involvement in this project. And of course, a big thank you to Jean Pierre for his essential presenting skills that made this experience a true success. 🙏👏

Stay connected @Agence Fosfor - The Phygitale Experience, as we haven't said our last word when it comes to mind-blowing phygital experiences! We continue to push boundaries with passion and flair. Get ready to discover our next sensational creations! 🚀🔮
Touchfree - Salomon [Goodbye to Touchscreens]👋

While we have been used to touch screens for years, it now seems essential to rethink this mode of interaction. #covidfree 🦠

At Fosfor, we provide captivating and engaging experiences that are based on interaction... YES but #no contact!

Tom Cruise did it with gloves, we do it without! #MinorityReport 🤩

So instead of touching the screen, our devices detect the user's gestures to identify the desired action. The user's experience is instantaneous, thanks to a cursor that appears directly on the screen to guide the user in his navigation.

Our solutions are aimed at companies, organisations and public places, to help them respect the #gestesbarrieres, but also to make interaction fun and intuitive, while offering memorable, sensory experiences, even straight out of a science fiction film! 🛸
Interactive Playground - SIMA [Immerse your visitors at your events! They'll be like fish in water!]🐟🐠

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the SIMA (international exhibition of solutions and technologies for efficient and sustainable agriculture), Comexposium reiterated its confidence in Fosfor for the production and installation of an interactive projection on the ground! 😮🤩

With a surface area of over 25 m2, our Interactive Playground offers visitors a resolutely new, creative and immersive visual experience! 🎯 🧲

This tailor-made activation, based on the theme of water, simulates the movements and ripples left by the passage of visitors, as well as the interaction in real time with the fish present in this digital pool. 🚶‍♀️💦

Whether it is to dress up/animate the venue of your event, to welcome your public in an unusual way or to propose a digital and interactive animation during a party, our Interactive Playground solution will be the original touch to your event.
Wall IT 20 - Paris Retail Week 2019 This new generation of displays "hypnotizes", arousing the attention and enthusiasm of the public.
Combined with a tailor-made 3D animation, its captivating visual power offers visitors a new, creative and memorable experience.

Increase your expression surface tenfold by opting for our extraordinary holographic display solution. No size limit, your message takes on a new dimension.
Photobooth 3.0 - Genève Sport [Without being cliché, Fosfor experiences, there is no photo!]📷🤳🏼

Fosfor strikes again in the field of the phygital experience, this time with a photobooth 3.0!
Thanks to the magic of augmented reality, our new device now allows fans to take pictures of themselves with their favourite team and/or players.

Placed inside stadiums or in fan zones, this device offers visitors an immersive experience and creates a strong affinity with your brand.
Easily relayed on all social networks, this experience ensures a strong virality and a first class image capital. 🚀

A great idea for football and rugby clubs. but also organisers of sports events such as #Olympic2024 / #rugby2023 / #sport...💡

Of course, as Fosfor does not do half measures, everything is tailor-made! Customisation of 3D characters / background scenery, everything is possible.🎨

Fosfor team is ready to intercept your requests ⚽️🏈🏒
Crystalman - Gamification Offer a new and interactive experience to your customers while allowing you to accurately calculate the profitability of your campaign and easily generate in-store traffic.

This mobile interactivity solution, via QR code, is very effective in engaging consumers.
Crystalbox - Dewalt A great collaboration between Fosfor and Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. with a first activation for its premium brands #Dewalt and #Facom.

A winning combo thanks to the #Doohit holographic experience for increased visibility and immersion in the brand's universe; coupled with our #Crystalbox device for a captivating and memorable product presentation.

Welcome to the new generation of #event and #retail communication, Welcome to the phygital experience!
Dynaprint - Salomon Enhance your spaces and bring your prints to life with our DYNAPRINT technology.
A soft but dynamic technology that generates visual attraction.
Reveal your messages and highlight your information.
Totem Holix - Kenzo We design your customised or standardised POS advertising using our holographic technology to enhance your products or promote your brand in a resolutely innovative and impactful way.
Dooh it - Paris Retail Week Holographic displays are revolutionising the world of events and retail. Generate interest and traffic with this unique 3D hologram technology.
Dooh it - Lab Postal Our DOOH IT devices allow you to display all types of content in 3D (logo, product, message, etc.). The success of this technology depends on our know-how and our mastery of stage design.

We support you from the writing to the installation.
Crystalman - Retail df the future [Communicate differently, think "INSIDE" the box!]

Fosfor and La Vitre combine their enthusiasm and skills to offer a brand new communication device 🤜🔥🤛

We reinvent the remote exchange and give a new dimension to your customer experiences:
- Reinvent your reception and information kiosks in shopping centres, train stations...
- Revolutionize your shop windows
- Increase the impact of your events
- Boost your points of sale by teleporting your experts
- Create unique retail operations
- Rethink interaction in your museums
Cegid Connections - Plénière Every year, it is the event awaited by all CEGID's customers and partners.
CEGID Connections is a key moment, the launch of new solutions and software.
In order to make this event memorable, Fosfor overturns the codes of traditional plenary sessions and deploys a unique, live and interactive technology.
Paris Retail Week 2019 A key player and organiser in the world of events, COMEXPOSIUM is constantly innovating.
Fosfor rethinks the phygital experience and creates experiential events!
(Re)discover the 2019 edition of Paris Retail Week.
Crystalbox - Intuitive [Laissez parler vos produits]📣

How can the global expertise of the microsurgery giant Intuitive be promoted? From the idea to the deployment of the Crystalbox experience, our teams deployed an event solution: mobile, customisable and plug&play.
At Fosfor, we bring your products to life for an augmented experience and endless interaction with your audience. Our Crystalbox creates a captivating combination of real object and virtual display. 🤩

Nearly twenty devices have been shipped to Europe for Intuitive. 🇬🇧 🇫🇷 🇨🇭 🇩🇪 🇳🇱

Crystalbox #interactive and #connected technology facilitates the presentation of physically present products (behind the glass) while displaying digital content (on the screen). 🔥
Simulations 3D - Showreel Because words are often not enough to imagine what your new experience could be, we model and animate 3D scenarios. In this way, you can best plan the tailor-made experiences we design for you.
Phygiwall - Fosfor [Vos murs n'ont pas que des oreilles] 🤫

What if you used the walls of your spaces to communicate differently?

Enhance the sensory effects of your spaces with a touch of visual and audio interactivity with our interactive wall solution.
This striking and captivating device disrupts traditional advertising and opens the field to a new dimension of interactive visual experiences.
With its rich and attractive content, your message will hold the attention of your audience.
Crystalbox - Showreel We bring your products to life for an enhanced experience and endless interaction with your audience. Our CRYSTALBOX creates an exciting combination of real product and virtual display.
KiosKid - Kenzo [Enjoy your shopping while we take care of the entertainment!] 🎨🃏

Discover our latest experiential Fosfor system, specially designed to provide children with a playful and immersive experience in your store or waiting area. Our unique solution creates a customized digital children's space that will capture the attention of the youngest while parents shop in peace.

With a variety of carefully crafted interactive experiences tailored to your brand's universe, this engaging space offers children a world of discovery and entertainment. Whether through captivating games, colorful animations, or interactive stories, our experiences are designed to be intuitive and easy to use, requiring no parental assistance. Children can dive into exciting adventures that stimulate their creativity and curiosity.

Installing a Fosfor digital children's area in your store or waiting room is a clever way to keep children occupied while parents take their time shopping or consulting. You will transform waiting into a pleasant and memorable experience for the whole family. Our dedicated team will work closely with you to create a tailored environment that reflects your brand's essence and meets the preferences of your young visitors.

Choose our Fosfor experiential system to provide an enriching and fun experience for children while enhancing the appeal of your commercial space."
The Giant Pipe of Saint-Claude The town of Saint-Claude and its elected representatives called on the Fosfor agency to give life to this giant pipe, a symbol of the town, located next to the tourist office.
Fosfor has thought of everything and the artificial smoke is produced solely from water vapour. A 100% tailor-made system.

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